November 24, 2003


And I say to you, corporate behemoth PepsiCo, as I slog through a Monday on not enough sleep, I give thanks to your teeth-rotting concoction of sugar, caffiene, and 'other natural flavors' which I have spent the last 5 hours drinking (as I am not so talented at drinking an entire 20 oz. of anything, much less Mountain Dew). Oh wait, except beer.

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I have requested some time in the space of my normal life to flip out of the ordinary, and have been rewarded. Small steps, but things are definitely twisting into unknown territory.

I feel dragged down a bit by the ever-weighted trail of pressure, to have already accomplished whatever pops into my mind as a possibility. Still, the two halves are melding together just a little - that part of myself that watches, judges, and laments; and that part of myself that actually gets the job done. Every once in a while it seems as if the two are joining forces to steer in the desired direction, instead of splitting - one side doubtful and ever-realistic, one side ready to just-get-going-already. In some sort of peculiar, shifting standoff they tug at each other and secretly hope that reinforcements arrive to carry the action side of myself to victory.

Instead, it seems as if they are bound together as unsettled long as I agree to open myself up to new experiences and less cynicism, and rewire my brain into thinking outside of itself for a change.

I got the chance this weekend, to get lots of sleep, to finally catch up on long-ago plans, to start up an old project, to experience the perfect relaxation of well-known company, to meet new people, get fresh air, sit in the sun, and slack off.

And now, only two more workdays 'til a 5-day vacation.

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November 19, 2003


Please, someone bring me a drink. Please.

A salubrious walk in the woods would work too.

(Wow, I got out some frustration AND got to use my new word of yesterday in a sentence).

Salubrious. Promoting health & well-being, from the Latin word 'salvus' (sal-wuss) meaning 'safe'.

Heart rate...slowing...down.

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November 15, 2003

well, crap

Had an excellent day, mostly, that ended in the kind of misfortune that only happens when you've got your pick of parties to go to in the evening and have been put on a VIP list for a club you've never had a chance to check out where it will be girl's night out.

Also the kind of injury that makes for some very difficult typing as the laptop is shoved up to my chin.

We had a very yummy breakfast at Dos Gringos in Mt. Pleasant - I wanted pancakes or waffles and even managed to bring my WI maple syrup along (the fake maple syrup the restaurants always serve causes me to never order pancakes out). Then we walked around Georgetown and people-watched and got an Arctic-themed shower curtain and new sunglasses...then got the rollerblades out to whiz down the trail along the Potomac.

(Uh, oh).

After managing to not die as Jon led me down numerous hills to the trail (by using many many cars as leverage - shockingly, none had car alarms that went off!) it was smooth sailing, except for the twigs littering parts of the path. I got back in the skating groove as Jon did his fancy-pants tricks and alternately zoomed past me and slowed down to wait for me.

Then, of course, as he was a few hundred yards ahead, I tripped over something and went flying forward (the correct method of falling for rollerbladers!); however, my right leg didn't come with me forward and I felt THE PULL. Of my quadricep. Yuck. Then I sat and cried and a biker turned around after speeding past me and asked if I needed his cell phone but I said my boyfriend was ahead of me and would eventually notice that I was out of sight.

Then I came home and took a very hot bath w/ epsom salt and drank a beer and took some Percogisec and now I feel drowsy and not so in pain.

Party on! (o;

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November 11, 2003

Mr. Scruff


I recently bought a copy of Trouser Jazz, the cd that Mr. Scruff released in Sept. 2002. Since I have made numerous failed attempts at really getting into jazz over the last 13 years, I wasn't sure about it, but I just can't get over his bubble people. They are just so cute and random. Seeing them grooving out on the cover art gave me the boost I needed to buy what turned out to be a great cd.

Kelly introduced me to his world sometime ago and we saw him spin a great set of 60's soul electro-funk at Sonar, of which I have very fond memories even though I had a some sort of sinus infection and felt like I might ooze away on the dance floor.

Anyway, I have a flier from that night taped up at work and I was just looking over and smiling at it. Thought I'd get the word out.

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November 10, 2003

Ruminations on Brett

ilvbrettfavre819: damn!
CaitZewe: he is SO fine
CaitZewe: if donovan's gonna lose to anyone, I want it to be Brett
ilvbrettfavre819: awww, thanks
CaitZewe: damn he's cute
ilvbrettfavre819: he really is
ilvbrettfavre819: jump jump hottie!
CaitZewe: good thing I have Eric, or I'd be stalking him
ilvbrettfavre819: i'd be running my hands through his hair
CaitZewe: it's so thick and dreamy!

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November 6, 2003

Too much Tivo

Must be all the new Dragnet I was watching and my dire need for sleep...just wondered if I should designate a nice picture for the news in case I ever go missing. They sure know how to dig up some unflatterting shots of victims. Not only has something (probably) tragic happened to them, but in the meantime, they will be remembered by strangers everywhere from a cra-zappy photo, perhaps taken the day after stuffing themselves silly at Thanksgiving. C'mon, relatives! Get out the glamour shots!

Want to censor myself...but can't.

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Yay for the Al Gore invention

So I was in a pretty tight spot at work the other day - needed to find a copyshop in Hamburg for our conference next week (eek!), but somehow the word 'copyshop' has evaded my vocabulary (am I so branded as to call everything Kinko's)?? Anyway, I was having a hell of a time finding anything on the internet, and I have a certain pride in my ability to search down most anything, equaled only by my ability to recognize bit actors (like the guy I just saw in the new $20 bill commercial, who is the guy that tries to milk a cow into his cereal bowl for some cereal commercial). I'm searching and (not) reading German and going through everything and hark, all of a sudden, it's a blog. Of an American living in Germany; and I see on his resume that he studied in Hamburg.

So I decide to be a desperate weirdo and ask for his help in finding me a place to make copied booklets for our conference. He emails me to tell me that they are called 'der copyshop'; then in a brash move I ask him for a specific name and number to call, and he responds with more information than I could've hoped for. And the day was saved!!! All brought to me by the most fantastic emigre at You ROCK! Go St. Louis! Wooo!!!

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November 5, 2003


I was all fired up to say something, and then I got annoyed at something, and now my mind is on a whole other track (or three). What I can say is, damn, that Scarlett Johansson. She is FINE. And she's officially going to be 20 years old next week, meaning she actually played an OLDER character in 'Lost in Translation' (excellent film), as she was supposed to have graduated college (and had been married for 2 years).

I'm going to go see 'The Girl with a Pearl Earring' tonight, starring, guess who? I read it a while ago so I don't think I'll yell at the movie if it strays from the book. I'm usually pretty good at separating one art form from another, anyway. Why get irate at the movies, really? You shouldn't waste your money if you know it's going to be the pits. And if it's better than your expectations - money.

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November 2, 2003


I purchased two copies of Schott's Original Miscellany (one for Dad, one for me) which I have been wanting to do since hearing the interview on NPR. I have always wanted a book that offered lists of the Muses, Elizabeth Taylor's husbands, and cloud types. Finally.

P. Diddy finishes the NYC marathon? Strange strange world. Go Kenyans!

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Getting Licked

A very merry extended Wisconsin-esque parents and sister visited from Thurday 'til today and got me off my lazy butt and into the world. We had a fun afternoon exploring the gardens of Dumbarton Oaks and I finally purchased the scary-looking Mixtec necklace that I wanted to get on my last trip there. Perfect for Halloween.

Other highlights...drove down Skyline Drive, raided the Dollar Store in Culpepper for last-minute Halloween costumes (came away as a Dalmatian, a Christmas tree and a Safari). Waited in lines to go on 'spooky' tours of 3 Alexandria spots...the most entertaining part was all the attention the Christmas tree received from the ladies. It must have been the blinking red light on his head.

Folger Shakespeare Library, Wright Brothers exhibit, a crockpot meal (the beginning of the hardcore WI end to the weekend)...rounded out by beer & vodka and spiced cider, a trip to the mall, a visit to the custard parlor for custard and a puzzle...and here I sit, eating Merkt's cheese and about to watch the Packer game.

As for getting licked - my right arm has been extremely exfoliated by a loving cat's tongue. I suspect catnip.

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