November 15, 2003

well, crap

Had an excellent day, mostly, that ended in the kind of misfortune that only happens when you've got your pick of parties to go to in the evening and have been put on a VIP list for a club you've never had a chance to check out where it will be girl's night out.

Also the kind of injury that makes for some very difficult typing as the laptop is shoved up to my chin.

We had a very yummy breakfast at Dos Gringos in Mt. Pleasant - I wanted pancakes or waffles and even managed to bring my WI maple syrup along (the fake maple syrup the restaurants always serve causes me to never order pancakes out). Then we walked around Georgetown and people-watched and got an Arctic-themed shower curtain and new sunglasses...then got the rollerblades out to whiz down the trail along the Potomac.

(Uh, oh).

After managing to not die as Jon led me down numerous hills to the trail (by using many many cars as leverage - shockingly, none had car alarms that went off!) it was smooth sailing, except for the twigs littering parts of the path. I got back in the skating groove as Jon did his fancy-pants tricks and alternately zoomed past me and slowed down to wait for me.

Then, of course, as he was a few hundred yards ahead, I tripped over something and went flying forward (the correct method of falling for rollerbladers!); however, my right leg didn't come with me forward and I felt THE PULL. Of my quadricep. Yuck. Then I sat and cried and a biker turned around after speeding past me and asked if I needed his cell phone but I said my boyfriend was ahead of me and would eventually notice that I was out of sight.

Then I came home and took a very hot bath w/ epsom salt and drank a beer and took some Percogisec and now I feel drowsy and not so in pain.

Party on! (o;

Posted by zippy at November 15, 2003 7:04 PM