November 6, 2003

Yay for the Al Gore invention

So I was in a pretty tight spot at work the other day - needed to find a copyshop in Hamburg for our conference next week (eek!), but somehow the word 'copyshop' has evaded my vocabulary (am I so branded as to call everything Kinko's)?? Anyway, I was having a hell of a time finding anything on the internet, and I have a certain pride in my ability to search down most anything, equaled only by my ability to recognize bit actors (like the guy I just saw in the new $20 bill commercial, who is the guy that tries to milk a cow into his cereal bowl for some cereal commercial). I'm searching and (not) reading German and going through everything and hark, all of a sudden, it's a blog. Of an American living in Germany; and I see on his resume that he studied in Hamburg.

So I decide to be a desperate weirdo and ask for his help in finding me a place to make copied booklets for our conference. He emails me to tell me that they are called 'der copyshop'; then in a brash move I ask him for a specific name and number to call, and he responds with more information than I could've hoped for. And the day was saved!!! All brought to me by the most fantastic emigre at You ROCK! Go St. Louis! Wooo!!!

Posted by zippy at November 6, 2003 9:47 PM