November 2, 2003

Getting Licked

A very merry extended Wisconsin-esque parents and sister visited from Thurday 'til today and got me off my lazy butt and into the world. We had a fun afternoon exploring the gardens of Dumbarton Oaks and I finally purchased the scary-looking Mixtec necklace that I wanted to get on my last trip there. Perfect for Halloween.

Other highlights...drove down Skyline Drive, raided the Dollar Store in Culpepper for last-minute Halloween costumes (came away as a Dalmatian, a Christmas tree and a Safari). Waited in lines to go on 'spooky' tours of 3 Alexandria spots...the most entertaining part was all the attention the Christmas tree received from the ladies. It must have been the blinking red light on his head.

Folger Shakespeare Library, Wright Brothers exhibit, a crockpot meal (the beginning of the hardcore WI end to the weekend)...rounded out by beer & vodka and spiced cider, a trip to the mall, a visit to the custard parlor for custard and a puzzle...and here I sit, eating Merkt's cheese and about to watch the Packer game.

As for getting licked - my right arm has been extremely exfoliated by a loving cat's tongue. I suspect catnip.

Posted by zippy at November 2, 2003 8:23 PM