March 31, 2004

An overabundance of weirdness

I don't know, maybe it's just spring fever or leftovers from leap year or the fact the Venus will be moving next to Pleiades in the next few days (thank you, my beloved Jack Horkheimer)...but doesn't the news seem extra crazy lately?

On one hand, Richard Clarke is duking it out w/ the Bush White House, and yet Bush's poll ratings are rising...two people have turned themselves in to police after seeing 'The Passion'...then a man paralyzed from an accident lay hidden on a highway for a day & a half, and a UW-Madison college student disappears (leaving her coat behind on a Wisconsin March day...although the high was 63)...just numerous things I've read recently that seem odd, on edge.

But for laughs (although no less strange), turn to the Scottish-version Jerry Springer saga of Alison Innes (thanks Maz). I guess I'm ready for April Fool's now.

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March 27, 2004


Driving back to Alexandria in front of me last night - a Mercedes C320 sporting these:

Also noted:
Nothing is better than coffee & donut drive-thru at 1 in the morning. I'm sorry. There just isn't.

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March 25, 2004

Our fav movie

1. fate: fate or destiny

2. islam Allah’s will: the will of Allah

[Mid-19th century. Via Turkish from Persian kismat, from Arabic kisma(t) “lot, portion,” from kasama “he divided, allotted.”]

I stared in the mirror and caught a true glance at myself
not the shadows of self piled up
Self awareness at its best, frowned eyebrows, rueful smile
Knowing, and yet

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March 24, 2004

Chicken Little

The crazies and politicians met last night to discuss the catastrophe that has befallen the residents (myself included) of Hunting Terrace, where the Woodrow Wilson Bridge construction has threatened the structural integrity of our apartments. Even Fox5 and other camera-wielding press members were in attendence to witness the showdown.

I have to say that although I was appalled at the original handling of the situation (notifying us Sunday evening that we would have to move all of our things out of our apartments into storage lockers in the coming week), by last night's meeting VDOT & the Bridge Project people had gotten their act together somewhat. They gave us handouts detailing the time frame for each building to be fixed (with specific dates), our choices for accomodation, and assured us of full cooperation with professional movers.

Yes, the situation sucks...although since I am spending the summer in a friend's apt. in DC, it is actually sort of convenient (if I trust the movers with my belongings). No one can deny that it sucks for all of the residents. But, knowing that this has to be done and we have a specific plan to follow, does it really help to personally attack all the 'politicians' at the meeting? Yes, they care greatly about their bridge project, and maybe not about us personally. Can anyone, living in the corporate world of today, truly be shocked? We have a job to do, they have a job to do - enough with the screaming. Sue who you want after the ceilings are fixed. My dad always says "Less talk, more action."

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March 20, 2004

Tenement Living

Yesterday we were enveloped into the world of late 19th Century/early 20th Century living at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. We had a Swiss woman as our tour guide with a fantastic accent, who really made the squalid living conditions alive in our mind yet managed not to completely depress us. My fav part of the tour was in the last apartment, when we stood in the kitchen and listened to a former tenant speak of her memories of living at 97 Orchard St. (from an interview on CD). As she spoke, citing certain products she remembered her mom using and how her dad taught she and her sister card games, we looked around the room at all those things sitting around the room and the whole family came alive around us.

Afterwards we ate at an Italian restaurant that seems to be a permanent fixture and marveled at the ease of our lifestyle (while eating some fantastic pasta). Highly recommended tour to all y'all.

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March 15, 2004


My lovely coworkers Jeanne & Amy just returned from two weeks in England and Scotland (first week for work, second for play) and loved me enough to bring back Scottish fudge and most exciting, authentic packets of HP [Brown] Sauce!!!! I'm going to have to make some homemade steak fries and smother them in the deliciousness that is brown sauce. Based on previous experience, it would probably help if I drank a big liter of cider first. Rock!

In other randomness, I got turned on to the vast underground world of knitting craziness by Kelly this weekend, and she & Eric showed me a new reason to love the internet, courtesy of Simon at - Peanuts does Hey Ya.


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March 10, 2004

Mmmm hmmm

You know it's gonna be a good day when you open up your oft-empty snack drawer to discover the forgotten 3/4ths full bag of salted Chifles.

Now if I could just find some pink grapefruit Fresca...

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March 8, 2004

Congratulations to...

Mom & Dad, on the anniversary of their marriage of 35 YEARS!!!

And still young and having fun, right guys?


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Oh, glorius elbow...

How glad I am to see thee unbent and visible, even if your inside is a bit unappealing to behold. I almost cried with joy when I first allowed my arm to hang straight down by my side.

I have successfully pulled the hair up off my neck, gotten food to my mouth with my right hand, and am sporting a new, clean purple cast to brighten the office now that the weather has stopped coaxing us with late-spring breezes and is back to normal March wind and cold.

I can take it though - besides regaining my arm, I am coming off of a very fun weekend which involved seeing and eating with good friends, getting lots of fresh air, and most shockingly, three nights of normal amounts of sleep. I seriously doubt that I could even begin to remember the last time that happened. I look forward to a similar weekend in the next year or so ( :

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March 4, 2004


The true dichotomy in my life - I have much trouble with constant grey, cold winter weather, so that problems may seem insurmountable and worth crawling under the covers for...yet I can't explain how happy it makes me to wake up and look out the front window to the yellow winter grass, wet with the beginning of spring rains; and beyond, a pinkish grey mist hanging over the silent pond of empty brown trees and waterfowl.

I think the ground exudes some kind of promising warmth - the days will grow longer, the air hotter, and the people friskier.

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