March 31, 2004

An overabundance of weirdness

I don't know, maybe it's just spring fever or leftovers from leap year or the fact the Venus will be moving next to Pleiades in the next few days (thank you, my beloved Jack Horkheimer)...but doesn't the news seem extra crazy lately?

On one hand, Richard Clarke is duking it out w/ the Bush White House, and yet Bush's poll ratings are rising...two people have turned themselves in to police after seeing 'The Passion'...then a man paralyzed from an accident lay hidden on a highway for a day & a half, and a UW-Madison college student disappears (leaving her coat behind on a Wisconsin March day...although the high was 63)...just numerous things I've read recently that seem odd, on edge.

But for laughs (although no less strange), turn to the Scottish-version Jerry Springer saga of Alison Innes (thanks Maz). I guess I'm ready for April Fool's now.

Posted by zippy at March 31, 2004 12:41 AM