March 8, 2004

Oh, glorius elbow...

How glad I am to see thee unbent and visible, even if your inside is a bit unappealing to behold. I almost cried with joy when I first allowed my arm to hang straight down by my side.

I have successfully pulled the hair up off my neck, gotten food to my mouth with my right hand, and am sporting a new, clean purple cast to brighten the office now that the weather has stopped coaxing us with late-spring breezes and is back to normal March wind and cold.

I can take it though - besides regaining my arm, I am coming off of a very fun weekend which involved seeing and eating with good friends, getting lots of fresh air, and most shockingly, three nights of normal amounts of sleep. I seriously doubt that I could even begin to remember the last time that happened. I look forward to a similar weekend in the next year or so ( :

Posted by zippy at March 8, 2004 1:07 PM