March 24, 2004

Chicken Little

The crazies and politicians met last night to discuss the catastrophe that has befallen the residents (myself included) of Hunting Terrace, where the Woodrow Wilson Bridge construction has threatened the structural integrity of our apartments. Even Fox5 and other camera-wielding press members were in attendence to witness the showdown.

I have to say that although I was appalled at the original handling of the situation (notifying us Sunday evening that we would have to move all of our things out of our apartments into storage lockers in the coming week), by last night's meeting VDOT & the Bridge Project people had gotten their act together somewhat. They gave us handouts detailing the time frame for each building to be fixed (with specific dates), our choices for accomodation, and assured us of full cooperation with professional movers.

Yes, the situation sucks...although since I am spending the summer in a friend's apt. in DC, it is actually sort of convenient (if I trust the movers with my belongings). No one can deny that it sucks for all of the residents. But, knowing that this has to be done and we have a specific plan to follow, does it really help to personally attack all the 'politicians' at the meeting? Yes, they care greatly about their bridge project, and maybe not about us personally. Can anyone, living in the corporate world of today, truly be shocked? We have a job to do, they have a job to do - enough with the screaming. Sue who you want after the ceilings are fixed. My dad always says "Less talk, more action."

Posted by zippy at March 24, 2004 6:15 PM