January 27, 2005

A year after S.A.D.

So I had my one-year followup to the whole SAD therapy thing and this year seems to have really turned around...whether due to their program or other circumstances it's hard to say. But while answering the 'are you guilty/worthless/listless' questions I realized how much better this winter was going. Even if I still want to gorge on starches & sugar and take a nap every day from about, oh, 10am to 5pm.

Did anyone else read about the L.A. commuter train crash before they knew about the suspect trying to committ suicide? I read it on CNN when all it said was that there was a car parked on the tracks, the train crashed into it and then into everything else, and the police thought it was deliberate. And so of course I immediately thought, 24. I think that is cause for immediate 24-nerdity.

Wow, I wish I could stop reading this essay on why cats are evil for true Christians (TM). Apparently they are descended from snakes. Who knew? (Thanks to Ms. Christine)

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January 20, 2005

Black Thursday


Bombs are flying, People are dying, Children are crying - Politicians are lying too...

Cancer is killing,
Texaco's spilling,
The whole world's gone to hell, but how are you?

I'm super! Thanks for asking!
All things considered, I couldn't be better, I must say!
I'm feeling super! No, nothing bugs me!
Everything is super when you're don't you think I look cute in this hat?

I'm so sorry, Mr. Cripple,
But I just can't feel too bad for you right now.
Because I'm feeling so insanely SUPER,
That even the fact that you can't walk can't bring me down.

He's super,
Thanks for asking,
All things considered he couldn't be better he must say!

Big Gay Al:
I'm SUPER! No, nothing bugs me!
Everything is super when you're
Don't you think I look cute in this hat
These little pants,
This matching tie that I got at Merv's?


In the barracks and the trenches as well!

Big Gay Al:
Stick 'em up.

Big Gay Al says 'Do Ask, Do Tell'!

Big Gay Al:

Yes he's super, and he's proud to convey

Big Gay Al:

Everything is super when you're gay!
When you're gay!

Black Thursday

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January 19, 2005

Two things of interest from NPR

I heard this story last night, and thought, am I really hearing a story on North Korean midgets on NPR? But they interviewed young adults who had taken the makeshift underground railroad from N. Korea to China, and said they felt like they stood out because they were so small. Unbelieveable.

Then I came across this linguist's book about cool words from around the world. You've gotta love 'korinthenkacker'.

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January 18, 2005


I really am appreciative that 2005 has rolled around, I was pretty sick of 2004. Probably from overhearing the term '2004' due to the krazappy elections and whatever else happened last year. It's kind've an odd thought to think that a random day in the space continuum will somehow allow for a fresh start, and usually I don't like odd numbers, but still I'm happy for 2005.

Even if it's 20 outside.

One suprising turn of events is that Kelly got me a subscription to Bust Mag and I'm completely loving it. Not that I had any real idea what it was like, but for one thing, I don't really have a bust, so I wasn't sure of its applicability. Also, I wasn't sure how grrrly it would be, but it has turned out to be the Cosmo for chicks who hate Cosmo but have a secret level of fuzziness inside as well as an extreme dose of common sense and some grit.

Since this country seems to be sliding into a soma-induced coma about women's rights, global dimming, and the destruction of U.S. foreign relations, I feel a mounting tension between wanting to rebel against everything and embrace traditions, go back to what's embedded in my Jungian bones.

If we must watch the slow decay of this country and the freedom it was built upon - at least I can speak out, register my level of dissatisfaction with this narrow-minded climate - and still be proud of learning how to stitch. (:

So 2005 may be the year of going underground, hunkering down to wait it out and meantime, breathing some good creative karma into the air.

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January 12, 2005

Metropolitan Police Dept. announces DC is evil

Stay away...stay far, far, far away
(or take the Metro)


Wow, I guess George thinks maybe he has something to worry about...like that inconsequential 49%.

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Well, I will give it this...

I made it all the way to the second week of January w/out my annual crash into winterdom (not that it's even really winter) - but there certainly is a distinct lack of sunlight to go around.

I'd like to cry, crawl into a little ball in a hole, sun on a beach and jump into the sky (i.e., hangliding) all at the same time.

Or sit on the couch. Or go to sleep.

But what I must do is take comfort in my friends and get on that damn elliptical machine.

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January 3, 2005

5 years since the world didn't end

And my question for the day is: how can it only be 10:30 in the morning? The first day back to work is so painful, although mysteriously nobody was on the roads.

Although I did not spend my 10 days off in a warm and sandy location, I did sleep for approximately 92 hours (sweet sweet sleep) and got spoiled by my family and got tipsy again on the Sprecher Brewery tour and ate at Kopp's and watched Napolean Dynamite twice. I now own 7 more musicals and to my lovely Baku, I am truly sorry that you will have to suffer through them (although you're always a good sport).

Things that I would like to push forward in 2005, although the economy and the war and the tsunami and the President make it somewhat hard to feel gung-ho about achieving greatness:

use the cool kitchen gadgets I received to improve my culinary skills

do productive things while sitting on my lazy ass, e.g., be creative

take more walks & hike more (aka, save the dog from osteoporosis)

decide what job I would love to do when I grow up

save $ for the trip of 2006

keep lovin' my man the best that I can

learn to spell again (less use of the online dictionary)

play more games w/ my peeps

It's only 11am??

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