July 19, 2004

On the heels of F-9/11

It's been a while since I got my political rant on - but hey, any person that decides to tackle Fox News has got my backing. If there's one thing I can't stand more than this administration, it's biased journalism completely confusing & misleading the public. No wonder people shut down and try to block out current events - everything on TV has to be taken with a grain of salt if not an assumption that only one opinionated version is being presented. When TV news got all shock-jock with scary bacteria in your kitchen and deadly window screens, I decided I was already over it and that it couldn't get more annoying to watch. But, I don't know, nightly opinions from loud mouths? It got worse.

So the MoveOn.org folks have filed a complaint with the FTC against Fox News for their slogan 'Fair & Balanced', which all are encouraged to sign. Also featured is a video of Bill O'Reilly sucking. My favorite!

Also reminded me of a piece I heard on All Things Considered before the War in Iraq started last year, about the music the news outlets were composing for the converage in case we went to war. I was grossed out but to give my own rant a balance, this article from the Philadelphia Inquirer covers that topic and speaks more about NPR's music than anyone else's. Heh.

At least they tried to be classy, right? And they make Fox News sound like assholes.

Posted by zippy at July 19, 2004 5:09 PM