July 22, 2004

Time to sit my butt in a tube

Tubing always brings me back that first time in Florida, when my old roommate Jess and I drove 3+ hours to central Florida, in the hopes of experiencing a sublime day floating down the river at Ichetucknee Springs State Park. It was the coldest, clearest, most refreshing water I've ever swum in - like ice cubes melting on your skin on a humid, 100 degree day. There wasn't a crazy drunkfest going on like all tubing trips I've experienced since, but it was memorable for the luxurious water, the fact that I fell asleep while driving on the way home (but managed to live because of the flat straight roads), and the sign that started off the trip. Essentially it warned everyone, who had already invested money, time (taking your car to the end point and shuttling back) and excitement in the trip, that this was Florida and alligators could be lurking in or around the springs. And to have fun!

Since we are about to embark on a weekend of floating fun, it came to mind...but also, after I read about the landscaper attacked by an alligator and dragged into a pond. Lovely state, eh? The highest highs and lowest lows, all in the same backyard.

Posted by zippy at July 22, 2004 2:37 PM