July 12, 2004

Milky Way

It had been much too long since I had seen brilliant stars like those in in the Shenandoah sky this weekend, since I had enjoyed a makeshift cold shower in the dark night breeze (and been mistaken for a bear at least twice, rummaging around the campground in the dark). At least I had lovely Kundera to keep watch of my night prowling.

Also happy to say that no 'bears' stole into the tent for food. Those nastly little buggers, with their chattering and masked faces and five-finger-discount talents. Wait a second...

As one of my cool link sources is on friendship hiatus at the moment, I asked my buddy Monty to keep me well-fed with material, until he decides to give in to the black blogging hole. So he found that guy's web store, which might be helped along by my purchase in the Random Stuff section. I also must let David know that he has me addicted to Acno's Engergizer. Must sleep, damn you!

And hey, who couldn't use a little bit of naked Asia Argento. Mmmm, Mmmh!

Posted by zippy at July 12, 2004 11:50 PM