July 8, 2004

Floating things

An extreme combination of emotional fervour and a profound lack of sleep have contributed to overloaded circuit in my blog brain, and although I know I've been having many great conversations lately I can't seem to focus when I'm staring at the screen.

What that means is that Andrea needs to step up and guerilla blog all of our 'brilliant' ideas that frothed over with bagels, quiche & beer in Brooklyn last weekend. All that I remember well is the continuation of Andrea's urban movie-to-be, in which we went from just having a lumberjack axing a telephone pole to a woodpecker furiously tapping above. Also something about the moon being pissed off at all the attention Saturn has been receiving and retiring from controlling the tides; and the continued search for the equation ruling gravitational waves.

Just found a link to this mag - looks cool and can apparently be picked up for free around DC. And L.o.M.L. sent a link to Michael Moore's spankin' new blog. "I am the smartest man alive!"

Posted by zippy at July 8, 2004 1:52 PM