June 14, 2004

Bells o' luv

My friends Kristina & Michael got married this weekend, and it was a great time. By the standards of Bridezillas everywhere, the planning was done on the fly (i.e., 2 months), but I thought it was everything a wedding should be. Classy, relaxed, intimate, open bar, great dinner, fun afterparty. And goofy hats everywhere. Apparently Michael's dad collects them. Everyone was dressed in their finest, with beanies, flower pots, road kill, and other things atop their heads. I even danced the Chicken Dance next to Dana, who was wearing a chicken head and a makeshift cape. Three cheers for you guys, I know you'll be happy in Austin. And I'll be happy to finally have a place to crash there, hah.

Today I discovered DC-area resident/hater James F., who publicized my comment on my friends' crazy weekend experience w/ a burglar & the cops. Not that I can say much more for the Arlington cops, who showed up at my old apt. in repsonse to my nonexistent burglar alarm - until I eventually realized they wanted to be at 9th St. NORTH, not South. Ah well, you can't win them all.

In spite of this I have quickly become addicted to living in the city, which probably stems from my winter of S.A.D.. Then, I dreamt about being able to go outside and walk my black thoughts off; now, I don't have a choice! I must walk everywhere! Sitting on the couch and feeling gross is no longer an option (most of the time). I am hoping my constant regimen of the Rosslyn & Dupont escalators will enhance the look of my gluteus maximus (glutei maximi? Gotta check out Life of Brian before it leaves & confirm that).

Posted by zippy at June 14, 2004 4:22 PM