June 11, 2004

Ray's Music Exchange

Friday, certainly a reason to take a deep breath and relax and look forward to friends & music & some good beer tonight.

I don't know about the news coverage around the rest of the country, but Reagan's death took up so much airtime that when I was in the hospital waiting room yesterday, Channel 8 News was looping a segment of coverage over & over. Instead of waiting for my friend to get out of surgery, it caused me to actually go back to work & wait.

When I heard on the radio that Ray Charles had died, I got tearful for the first time all week. You want to talk about someone with a soul...

At work we watched the Nat'l Cathedral funeral on our new replacing-the-stolen TV this morning, and it was an impressive event to watch. I feel the worst for Nancy, who has had to go through a week-long funeral, with event after ceremony after tribute.

I told Amy after she got wheeled back in to recovery yesterday about Ray Charles - she immediately asked what was next. "Things always happen in threes", she said. She and my mom got through their procedures this week, so whatever else pops up I can handle.


P.S. Why do I have the 'Shape of Things to Come' by The Bee Gees in my head? It's from the 1988 Olympics soundtrack. That is frightening. More frightening is the thought that it won't go away unless I listen to it...a somewhat difficult feat to achieve, I'm thinking.

Posted by zippy at June 11, 2004 1:35 PM