June 8, 2004

Too cloudy

transit.jpg transit.jpg transit.jpg transit.jpg

I was actually up at the right time to watch Venus traverse the Sun, but as is ever the case in DC, it was too cloudy.

Like the time we tried to watch the meteor shower two years ago, and the thickest fog descended over the trees and roads.

In other, much wackier news, I had a guy with a foot fetish try to lure me away to the fetish film industry at the Smart Bar in Chicago on Sat. I agree w/ my buddy Monty that foot fetishes are old news, especially if you read a lot of Dan Savage. Still, I found it pretty hilarious as 1) I don't like feet, and 2) I have two blisters on the foot he asked to massage. At least I had good help in scaring him away.

What a great trip back home. And props to Bridget, for kicking junior high's ass and letting me smell the library (o;

Posted by zippy at June 8, 2004 10:31 AM