June 4, 2004

I may be a wuss but...

these are stresses I will not be challenging myself to go through in this lifetime, or will not regret having missed:

Hiker dies on Mt. Rainier ridge, where another hiker died last month. I love hiking, and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Mt. Rainier last year, but my seratonin levels are just too low to push that human boundary. I'm thinking more about how I'd like to tackle part of the Appalachian trail.

Autochthonous wins the Nat'l Spelling Bee competition. And the boy who collapsed wins 2nd place. Anyone who watched Spellbound will perhaps wonder, as I do, exactly what the difference is between having your kid compete in this spelling bee and making them into a Jonbenet princess beauty queen. Ok, I know, one means you will be a walking dictionary and the other, a fantasy for internet perverts, but those are some STRESSED OUT kids. Except for that one ADD New Jersey kid in the movie. His mom must be way more stressed out than he is.

Become a participant on The Swan. Where do I start? As someone who partially watched it (thank you for fast forward, TiVo), I am allowed an opinion, and that opinion is MY LORD, PEOPLE. To think there was a time I was shocked by 'Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire'...

Work as Director of the CIA. Even more stressful, his future plans are to "...be a senior with [my son] in high school," Tenet said. "We're going to go to class together. We're going to party together. I'm going to learn how to instant message his friends -- that would be an achievement." Wait, scratch that. I think his son has the more stressful job now.

Next up, challenges I actually want to take on!

Posted by zippy at June 4, 2004 2:57 AM