October 11, 2003

Everybody Knowses that Toeses are Roses

Sometimes I think that everything in my world has been strategically placed to experiment on how much torture one's toes and feet can take. Ponder this: the more your toes ram into solid objects or your feet trip over errant pizza boxes/cat scratching pads/uneven brick sidewalks, does this mean that you may actually remove the objects from your pathway in disgust or pay closer attention to where you walk?

Do not believe it so! Instead, it means that a lifetime of tripping will cause your body to slowly adapt, until your recovery time is mastered and you can almost always catch something about to shatter all over the floor, or catch your falling body in mid-fall, or avoid crashing your head as you slide down a staircase while wearing heels (and not drunk! I was NOT yet drunk!)

Things could be worse, I suppose. I could find floating in my hallway and run right smack into him, spilling soup everywhere.

Posted by zippy at October 11, 2003 10:57 AM