October 9, 2003


The Caps kicked some major NY a** tonight! Go Caps!!! We got to sit nosebleed-style in front of loud obnoxious boys (who else?) and the older man next to me told me how impressed he was that I was being fed roasted peanuts out of the shell and I didn't even have to crack them open myself. Hehe. What can you do when your hands are full of beer?

The Kissing Cam was the best I've ever seen. Especially when the hulking teenage guy refused to kiss and mouthed 'My Mother' as he pointed at the woman next to him. Ewwww!!

Plus, the final two minutes were nothing but fistfights. Nothing better. POW!

Fun fact of the game: Peter Bondra has lost 4 teeth in his career - two top and two bottom.

Posted by zippy at October 9, 2003 10:54 PM