October 12, 2003


Had a lovely day at Tarara Vineyard, tasting wine and picking apples. Only $5 to taste 12 wines, and the whites were very good. I prefer reds in general but I've decided that I've yet to be won over by any reds from Virginia. They taste earthy and 'vinegary' and I have the sense that every VA wine I've tasted has that same underlying sapor to it, whatever flavors may overshadow it. How snotty, heh.

But I really liked the whites! We bought a couple, and then went into the orchard to pelt dead apples against the trunks of the trees. Then drove to Historic Leesburg and explored the Old Stone Church cemetery w/ tombstones circa 1777.

Finally, I came home and found a disturbing link from my friend Susan. How else would one end the weekend, really.

Posted by zippy at October 12, 2003 11:35 PM