October 9, 2003


Ok, I promise to never have evil, wrong thoughts such as these thoughts again (if I can help it), but as I sat in stopped traffic at 12:47 in the morning in the Mixing Bowl, I suddenly yearned for the everlasting highway construction of the Midwest - like in Ohio, where the construction barrels are set up for miles and miles, no construction worker, zone, or heavy machinery in sight. Or like Minneapolis, where the construction zones are very narrow and dangerous to drive through, but people refuse to go less than 70 even when it's icy. Or even my lovely home state, where you must keep alert and drive near the lowered speed limit in the one lane allotted to you - in case the Five-O is watching, waiting to give you a double-fine ticket..

I kid you not, a little part of me coveted the abrupt monitions blasted from the orange signs, warning me of the consequences of speeding through the work zone. Just the thrilling thought of being ABLE to speed through a work zone again - guess it's time to visit home.

Posted by zippy at October 9, 2003 1:26 AM