October 6, 2003


So really, what is it with people and tigers this week? First, The Onion has a funny story about Roy and his tiger fetish (which is unbelievabley MISSING from their website - they have actually cowed to the pressure of reality! NOOO!!), then Roy actually gets maimed by a tiger, and then my friend Rob finds an article about a guy in NYC whose tiger cub actually grew into a tiger (if you can believe that) and had to be sedated by a sharpshooter.

I shall call this mysterious behavior Snow White Syndrome - the idea being that animals will naturally flock to you if you indulge them and live among them, and not try to eat you as if they were born with wild instincts and a desire for pounds of food every day. I heard this morning that the tiger species most likely to survive is the Siberian because of the lack of human population growth (although logging is becoming an issue) - since an adult needs 400 square miles of territory.

400 square miles, a Harlem housing project. Hmmmm....

Posted by zippy at October 6, 2003 10:49 PM