August 22, 2005

Someday I'll be a real geek...

And give this little spot of Zippy cyberspace some eye-candy oomph. Shawn and I picked out a new digital camera that was shipped today - so maybe I'll even become cool enough for my Flickr buddies.

I had a post half-done about the 'Ape to Man' History channel special, which prompted many discussions and thoughts about where man has been and is going...I didn't have the fire in me left to finish my rant on 'intelligent design' vs. evolution; although I will say this. If life, history, & experience have taught me anything, it is the truth of cycles - even (most importantly!) in evolution. So we, Homo Sapien, killed off Neanderthal, who had evolved separately but from the same source as us. We didn't want to share resources and we were better equipped for, well, everything. So how will that change once our resources dry up? We will live out our time on earth, and when the climate or war or gas prices or whatever push us over the edge, our cycle will be over. Just like the rise and fall of Rome, England, Druids, dinosaurs, etc.

Obviously I won't deny that humans have made technological advances and progress unlike anything else in 4 billion years. But will that save us from death and cycles? We have all this knowledge and power but our leaders mirror every crazy Shakespearean king. The more things change...

And that includes a healthy young adult's capacity for alcohol. We went tubing again on Sat. and even crashed a riverbank wedding reception. That River Juice is dangerous, and I'm glad to have another year to recover (: On to the Green Grogg!

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August 5, 2005

6 days 'til Pre-Season

I love you, Brett! Awwwww!

Favre No Longer Carrying Weight of the World on His Shoulders

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August 2, 2005

Hungry Now...

And here's a bit of history about the origins of goulash (gulash), under


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The Cliffs of Insanity

Or, our Outer Banks vacation. Not total insanity, really...just off to an odd start and full of sober and drunken silliness. First I tried to leave work with everything done and a melty-type birthday cake and locked my keys in the trunk. So, 2 1/2 hours later, my vacation train started up again and I was off to watch my lovely Baku drink free birthday drinks until glasses of ice water were poured on his head.

Another Friday, another Afterlight, and our vacation train revved up bright and early Sat. morning...until we hit the 95S parking lot. Hit Rt. 17 and ate lots of crappy (yummy) fast food and survived the Outer Banks parking lot with David Cross standup. Started the real vacation with freshly steamed peel-'n-eat shrimp and our first trip of many to Food Lion.

We lazed around and sat in the sun and slammed into the sand while bodysurfing and had wacky noodle fights and tried to fly a hippie kite and made new sets of teeth with shells and watched the boys play their new favorite game of pailing, perfectly described by Kelly.

We played both Lost Treasure and Mutiny Bay mini-golf, and dominoes and cribbage and Yahtzee (three Yahtzees for me!) and SET and Sequence and my fav game, gulping-ridiculous-amounts-of-jello-shots. Lots and lots of jello shots. And we went bowling, specifically for the mozzarella sticks.

We toured the aquarium on Roanoke Island and Shawn had three more pennies made into souvenir pennies. We drank some great beer at the Weeping Radish but had no time for goulash, sadly. We bought jump ropes & bungee cords at the dollar store and I took only outdoor showers. I heart outdoor showers.

Shawn dominated his new grill w/ brats & chorizo, and Carolina made authentic ceviche. We watched movies and my new winner for the crappiest TV show ever.

Finally, we watched a fantastic nightime lightning storm and left early on a rainy day. We made it home just in time to avoid the horrible 95N backup due to a possible jumper. Then we partied our rocks off again.

Lots of pelicans, no dolphins (that I saw)...and big jellyfish blobs. And no sharks, except for the $1 one Kelly floated on, with jack-'o-lantern eyes.

Is it time for vacation again yet?

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