October 22, 2004

Nov. 2

Can we please just vote already? Every night in the car at 7pm (waiting for the commercials to end on JFK) I can turn on the Macneil Lehrer News Hour and listen to election news or All Things Considered and hear the lastest election news or Green Day on DC101 and HFS. God damn the radio sucks.

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Happy feet

So I got my first pedicure and it wasn't traumatic. The lady didn't seemed grossed out by my feet and their lack of proper maintenance, and the proprer-looking older lady next to me who talked about her painful ingrown toenails for 1/2 an hour made me feel better too. I passed some sort of girly ritual, I guess.

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October 15, 2004

It's way too late

Very very odd. I don't normally watch cartoons, yet just witnessed three underwater features - SeaLab 2021 to the Snorks to Aquaman. You can see where quality drowsed off w/ the clock.

A feverish heat is burning off next to me, so much that I felt the fireplace glow suddenly warming my neck. I don't know when I got so hardcore about being nurselike...just seems careless to drop the Jungian knowledge of wellbeing and caretaking altogether. Sometimes you just have to burn that sucker through w/ a cold washcloth on your skull.

..Feeling a little stunned about disinformation campaigns lately, but more in disbelief over the lame couples joyously entertaining their kids in the cartoon hour commercials. Infomercials are the romance novel of TV (dirty but irresistable) but these were nothing more than glorified Michael's art kits.

But really, who am I kidding. I love them all. I love them all and just contemplated going to nasty Pizza Hut buffett for lunch tomorrow.

Ummm,errr just joking. Gross.

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October 13, 2004

I'm a bum

A bum for entering the world of blog slacking...maybe I'm just trying to ride it out until the election is over, so I don't always blather on about new things that have pissed me off today - which brings up a most poignant Onion article, that perhaps explains even better why I've been avoiding my laptop. More likely, it is the sweet hours of Baku company that wile away my willpower to sit in front of a screen after work.

Things that have been happening:

--Learning to drive manual. I haven't been insanely successful yet but having only done it twice (since my last fruitful try in '95) I'm feeling confident and looking forward to the point when I can be safe enough getting out of 1st to lead a Sunday road trip in the "mule".

--Being impressed by a bouncer. Last weekend was Cait's all 80's bachelorette party and at the first place we went to, the bouncer looked at my ID and actually said, "Happy early Birthday" as he handed it back to me. I realize I impress easily, but barely anyone checking IDs on my actual birthday has ever said 'Happy Birthday', so this guy really had it together. Mad props, C.I.M.R. guy.

--Having a book in the bedroom named Another Bullshit Night in Suck City. I'm not reading it yet but the title alone is enough. Not that DC ever feels like that or anything...

--Learning that role models still exist - namely, Fred Cohen, President of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. This just happened, actually - I was trying to clean up our database and his old King World email bounced back - so in my research I found his bio: President of IATAS. Mr Cohen served as President of King World International Productions for 13 years as well as Executive Vice President of CBS Broadcast International until his retirement. His previous positions included President, HBO International; President Time-Life Films; Director of Cultural Programming and International, PBS (Washington, DC); and Special Assistant to the Chairman as well as a Comissioner at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in Washington.

How cool is that?!? I was going to be annoyed as the first thing I noticed was the FCC position, but then I saw his PBS & HBO credentials and figured there is no way he would work there now. Plus, I found his profile as a speaker at the World Electronic Media Forum website, which states that 'The WEMF was organized in partnership with the United Nations Department of Public Information (UNDPI), the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Switzerland, host country to the WSIS.'

I know it's a weird hero but w/ all this Sinclair crap...

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