September 2, 2005

Now you can do something about it...and enjoy the holiday weekend!

AfterLight is open for Happy Hour.

However, others are not so fortunate. So I would also like this time to express my deepening grief at what has transpired on our Gulf Coast and the devastation which continues to unfold as a result of Hurricane Katrina. As such, I have made a personal commitment for partial proceeds of AfterLight to go to the American Red Cross.

Though the donation of one individual may not seem like much; to those with nothing, it can mean the world.

I hope you all find it within your hearts and souls to do something, anything, in your own way.

DJ Shawn Greene and Crew

I am looking forward to seeing you...


Every Friday Evening from 5pm till 11:00pm

Hilton Washington, Embassy Row
Dupont Circle Metro, North Exit

9th Floor Rooftop Pool Deck
2015 Mass. Ave NW

Drinks: $4 Draft Beers and $4 Margaritas

Cover charge: $5 all night

Posted by zippy at September 2, 2005 2:22 PM