July 6, 2005


My head just won't quit. There is the ever-impending doom of our government, situated 8 miles away, there is crazy summer fun to be had, and barbeques, and rampant humidity, and so on. There are awful movies to go see, and much better ones from Netflix. There is the conference, 10 weeks and 4,000+ miles away. There was this weekend's annual tubing trip (more pics to follow, perhaps). Always a blowout. Baggies of individual jello shots + individual containers of River JuiceTM = pure genius. Yum.

And, of course, the moving 1,500 miles away. In a few months. Yikes.

I need some serious Bryan Adams 'Summer of 69' to happen...letting go and rockin' out. And chilling out too. But just in my head - because my friends are certainly doing a great job.

On to political matters - so the woman who doesn't ever write an incriminating story at all is the one who goes to jail? And we can't attack Alberto Gonzalez because Bush "doesn't like it when you attack my friends."

And entertainment - people want to know all the details of a relationship in which a certain overly-loving-her-brother person used to wear Billy Bob Thorton's vial of blood around her neck?

I've been trying to ignore and watch the penguin & (finally) migratory bird documentaries, and lounge at Afterlight every Friday; finally ride my bike and wait for our beach trip (please please already!!). And a great Midwestern trip w/ my fam & my man.

So my online rantings suffer a bit...ah well. It's warm enough to jump in ponds (my lovely limnophobiacs excluded).

Posted by zippy at July 6, 2005 9:34 AM