April 27, 2005

weather, honey, tomb raider

Ok, I've been bitching about this for a week now, but must put it into words - first, what I've been bitching about since I moved to the DC area. These forecasters are AWFUL! I mean, not just like, normal meteorologist bad, but awful like they predict the opposite of what the weather turns out to be. I know I don't need to bring up the foot of snow that we were going to get - run out and buy your foodstuffs before you rot inside your house covered in a cavern of snow, which turned out to be about 3-4". Or the wonderfully sunny days when it's raining, or when they tell you it might be raining sometime in the afternoon and you can clearly see past the windshield wipers that there is a downpour happening as they say it on the radio.

At this point (and even they get it wrong a lot) the only somewhat reliable source I have is my local National Weather Service forecast, which isn't full of goofy & confusing maps or ads or the face of a cheesy local weather forecaster doodling his crappy predictions on a blue screen. Now, my ever favorite senator Rick Santorum is trying to stay true to his donors by shutting down public access to the free NWS forecast so that weather corporations don't lose money. Oh wait, it's to protect the public, right. I forgot.

Seriously. I don't even know what. But seriously.

In better news, I found Trader Joe's Creamed Honey last night and I love it. It's like the Parkay of honey - it's pure honey but easily spreadable. Yummm.

In sillier news, I was researching one of our association members and found a link to some Lara Croft fan ficion (I know, how does one make that leap?) and even better - look at the site it's hidden on!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Tough guys selling guns and writing love stories about Lara Croft!! HAHAHAHA!!!

My forecast is being threatened but there are still reasons to smile.

Posted by zippy at April 27, 2005 10:06 AM