September 14, 2004

Harold & Maude morning


This morning I was driving much earlier than normal to work, but still had to take the little side street shortcut to avoid the traffic light of doom near work. I like the shortcut because after being in an hour of gridlock, I'm suddenly driving through a peaceful green neighborhood with very wide streets and no hint of anyone awake. What made today different was the hearse parked quietly on the curvey street, not yet ready to begin the day - but this wasn't a normal hearse. This was full out Harold & Maude, white instead of black, with an old-school grill and a bit of rust tinging the seams - not exactly the car I'd like to see driving away my loved one to the cemetary.

But pure nostalgia, especially on a grey foggy morning with a hint of pink sun.

Posted by zippy at September 14, 2004 7:55 AM