August 24, 2004

DC Slaughter

Yes, gruesome week, at least for my buddy Scott. There is always more to the story than first apparent...first, Scott tells me that a guy is murdered in front of his stately apartment (Embassy of Castille, to be exact)...then I read in the WashPost article that the victim is a Carleton grad (other link for non-WashPost subscribers). One tragedy, two of my worlds. Scott says the gunshots woke him up and he heard someone screaming 'Oh My God' over and over. I'm sure someone in my family is thinking how happy they are that I've left Dupont Circle for now...but I don't see it that way. I think, if you choose to live with a larger concentration of people in a certain spot, you have a higher risk of running into a bad situation, purely statistical. Then again, you experience a much more diverse world of people and places right outside your door.

Not that I would want to be in Scott's shoes. Last night he had News Channel 8 outside his door.

My favorite quote from the article is "He always said happiness was a plane ticket in his pocket to somewhere," Bock said. Isn't that the truth.

Posted by zippy at August 24, 2004 4:06 PM