August 9, 2004

Nautical thoughts

So two things I've been wondering about, finally solved today. The first, pondered because I had the wonderful pleasure of laying under the sun and two large sails and gripping the boat so as not to slide off into the grimy Chesapeake. I knew 'port' was left and 'starboard' right, from my days on the tour boat when I was taught the simple way to remember - 'port' and 'left' both have 4 letters.

Why port & starboard though? Blah blah blah, just type it in Google, I'm not going to incorrectly type Viking words here - but while doing so, I found this highly disturbing web page about a game involving a blindfold, a blindfolded person driving a car, and a navigating friend. Not that I'm worried about the Darwin-award winners that would try it, but the rest of us who might mistakenly want to reach a destination via our car at the same time.

I will give the guy props for finally clicking the light on in my brain to remember Brunching Shuttlecocks, as I loved their site but couldn't remember the name for the life of me and therefore couldn't browse it. So now of course they have disbanded, but luckily for all geeks (mee-mee-mee-mee-mee) they have turned their attention to Little Fluffy Industries, with free online games posted daily. Yes, I even saw Kingdom of Loathing in the Top 20 (BLEH!)

Just two reasons (this and that) why was so great (and I suck so much for forgetting the url)...

Posted by zippy at August 9, 2004 4:51 PM