August 5, 2004

Fine, fine

Having pressure from four forces to move onto August...I will share the wealth of linkage that has come my way in the past few days
From Monty C.:

Will Ferrell is George Bush, mender of fences and fearful of horses:

The Beastie Boys get captured by Sasquatch (illin'!!): Triple Trouble
Then a profound thought c/o Jon:

I bet it's hard to break farmers of the old superstitions like
"Tornado got Old Yeller, stay in the cellar."
- Jack Handey
Today a weirdo link from Shawn L.:
Sun real estate
And finally, Andrea D. checkin' in with the latest in toilet technology from Swizterland (who else was telling me about this??):
Looking in from the outside & Looking out from the inside

Peace out, peeps!

Posted by zippy at August 5, 2004 12:37 PM