July 27, 2004

Narwhal & Baku


Two creatures that I had not known about until last night, until some 2 a.m. surfing revealed their existence to me. (Let's see, what was the trail? I'm a mermaid-wannabe, mermen sound wussy, what exactly is a centaur, what are other legendary horse creatures, tapirs look like anteaters, then somehow narwhals and baku).

I've watched a pretty insane amount of nature videos in my time, including plenty on polar bears and other artic animals, but somehow I missed out on narwhals. Here's how it all ties together - people think that mermaids are actually manatees; manatees look extremely like narwhals; narwhals have unicorn horns.

Theory: people are crazy.


As for the other creature - purely fictional, and with many different varients. Most references attribute a lion's head, tiger's paws and a horse's body to the baku, but I also found some god-awful jewelry labeled as a baku, w/ an elephant's head, some component of an ox and a cow's tail. Hrm. Either way, it's a cool idea. When I read 'Eater of Dreams' I immediately thought of The Sandman series...apparently the baku is featured so again, everything ties together.

In previously unmentioned news, the treehouse/tubing trip ROCKED - much fun was had and liquor consumed, as well as an unboxed bladder-like bag of boxed wine...the water was divine, I have the well-loved scrapes from trying to swim instead of tube - and Ryan took some cool pics...we'll have to wait for Margaret's film to see action shots from the Potomac itself. Wooot!

Posted by zippy at July 27, 2004 5:20 PM