June 23, 2004

A bit wistful today...

Which made me go through my stockpile of quotes and remarks...these made me smile.

According to Bukowski,
to write a good poem,
you must have:
1-Several bad affairs.
2-Been in love with a red haired girl.

And some other things not worth mentioning.

Hippies, hippies...they want to save the world but all they do is smoke
pot and play frisbee! - Cartman

I think I'll go home and lie very
feigning terminal illness.
Then the neighbors will all troop
over to stare,
my love, perhaps, among them.
How she'll smile while the
specialists snarl in their teeth!

She perfectly well knows what ails me.

-written in the Ramessid period of ancient Egypt (ca. 1292-1070 BC)

how you whispered over and manned me
assauged by fresh air and glacier-awe, only yesterday,
little-changed black peaks and gravity-struck ice water,
free falling

like me.


Posted by zippy at June 23, 2004 5:05 PM