May 19, 2004

Brain out

I know I'm a Libra and I'm naturally attracted to them, but there seem to be an insane amount of Geminis out there and it begs the question: who has time to be pregnant and giving birth in May? Now that I am getting old enough to watch patterns in my life, I have decided that my year is divided into: low in January, just hanging out, surviving the cold; an upswing in activity that reaches a complete frenzy in May; then I kick into summer gear with equal amounts of running around and relaxing, with a gradual cooling off period from mid-September to December. With a fair amount of nuttiness during the holidays.

If I had to pick a bug, I'd say there is no better representation for May than cicadas. Hundreds of whirring bugs swirling around above, some people completely losing it and others engrossed by them (David). As always, little Libra me, I'm just in the middle, with all the crazies buzzing and birthing and flurrying around me. Soon, the beach...ahh, so soon.

Posted by zippy at May 19, 2004 5:14 PM