April 26, 2004

marching against The Man (but not men)


Beth and I hit up the March for Women's Lives yesterday - really quite an amazing experience. There were tons of people who seemed excited, interested and strong - no angry people, no threats - a positive vibe and a combining of forces. Lots of celebrities spoke and the pace of speakers was perfect - each person said what they wanted to say and quickly traded places with the next speaker. The guys in attendence got a shoutout, as did the Republicans - and it didn't center completely on Choice but more on taking control, being vocal and getting active in your own community. There were numerous booths for signing up to vote and lots of clever homemade signs. I got a pin and we sat in the cool breeze listening to powerful women at the podium.

When the Anti-Choice guy drove by in his bus w/ the megaphones and the picture of the fake fetus (it has a full head of hair so how can it be an actual fetus?), I didn't see any of the women walking near it get angry or even respond. It wasn't his day to shine.

Posted by zippy at April 26, 2004 10:06 PM