April 20, 2004

They exist (and so do I)

It's strange, how you can consider a day or the last week and think 'I haven't had time to write at all' which is completely untrue - and yet it still seems as if the week was busy...

I find excuses to be outside now, in the hot air & sun, whereas I've spent the last months exploring the insides of my rented rooms. Most appealing to me is the sensation of existing inside and outside interchangeably. There is no shock to my skin when I walk outside, and I feels less detached from the comfort I've just left behind.


On another note...can guide ponies really exist? Apparently, and cater to people with various types of blindness, especially "blind equestrians who ride large horses." I only half believed it but then I learned they are actually called guide horses.


Posted by zippy at April 20, 2004 10:27 PM