December 20, 2003


What a crazy-ass show that was last night! We got on the lucky train and won ourselves free tickets to Buzz off of a college radio station that our friend Alex ('LXG') was spinning at. Rabbit in the Moon did a crazy hour-long show that was entertaining for both the groove factor and the eye candy -


Confucius set the hard, bumping mood of the night, and Bunny worked the crowd by throwing out Bunny Money & blue & red glow-wands and changing costumes multiple times. Videos played between costume changes; once, he lumbered out in an Oscar-the-Grouch-meets-an-ape suit; then he came to life in a body suit of white Christmas lights (above) that could fade in and out or blink. The striped octupus outfit was my favorite, as you couldn't tell which arms were really his - and to top it off, he came out with an iron mask that he welded while wearing to spray an impressive amount of sparks off the stage, then pulled out a girl in the front row to brave it herself, and as the finale, entraced the room playing a didgeridoo with a mic at the end of it, surrounding the crowd with its haunting, primitive noise.

It's unusual to have any theatrics in the DJ scene we inhabit - the last time I remember a crowd that excited was at a party w/ Q-bert where a camera marked his every finger flip and scratch. Amazing.

Great show - good to see you all, Squirrels ( ;

p.s. David, you should have been there! You would have loved it! (You've probably seen them before).

Posted by zippy at December 20, 2003 2:44 PM