December 9, 2003

Blog Bum

Hrm, what's happenin'?

whaz happenin.jpg

Doing a lot better than normal for this time of year (i.e., almost the shortest day of the year). Although consciously too much sunlight makes me grouchy, subconciously the Vitamin D is working its magic, along w/ all the potlucks. I have made a realization about cooking - that (for me) the key is the timing, and preparation makes a true difference. I have also realized that if you poach a couple of eggs in one of those microwave egg poachers, and leave it in a plastic bag that you've brought home from work, your cats will remove it from the bag and then go crazy for however long you leave it there trying to pry it open. Hahahahahaha! Who wishes they had opposable thumbs now?

What else? Went w/ Mandy, Ernie (see links), Meg & newly-met Vedant to the Phillips Collection on Saturday afternoon which was warm & cozy and featuring the Surrealism and Modernism exhibition. Some very striking pieces in the collection; I gravitated to Max Ernst's Europe After the Rain. He pressed pieces of glass to the oil to create the hollowed-out, dilapidated rock towers & formations on the canvas - over a period of two years. How does anyone have so much passion and patience at the same time?

Sunday was full of attention towards the house, rounding out the weekend with en ever-popular drinking game and of course, the très busy Monday.

What's not happening?

Posted by zippy at December 9, 2003 12:27 AM