October 15, 2003

Weird humor bits of the day

First, from the comment section of a recipe on epicurious.com:
A Cook from Arlington, VA on 10/14/03
I always like to use a recipe as inspiration and make it my own. Well,
when I saw this recipe, I didn't have any cheddar in the house, but I
did have some gorgonzola cheese that I had purchased for a party six
months before. I never knew gorgonzola cheese could go bad (because
it's already moldy, right?), but consider yourself warned. The recipe
came out so-so. We had some neighbors over for dinner who I really
don't like, so I served it to them. Now I'm known as the lady in the
neighborhood who serves terrible, rotten pie to her neighbors and
gives them a nasty case of the runs. Go figure. Anyway, here's lesson
# 2 learned. Stick to the recipe.
Wow, I should really consider moving back to Arlington! Later in the afternoon, I perused last week's Onion and enjoyed a stolen moment of forgetting I was at work, and instead transported back to one of the many late nights of Perkin's fun (beware the offensive content) - hehe.

And then this from my friend Shawn - hahahahahaha! Tiggah!

Posted by zippy at October 15, 2003 10:07 PM