October 4, 2003

The State of Poetry Today

Interesting...I was perusing the poetry pages of The Atlantic Online last night, forcing myself to read some modern poetry and a 12 year-old article on the narrowing influence of poetry in American society. I say forcing because, although I have always enjoyed writing poetry, I have never been particularly enthralled with my own output, nor have I been inspired by most poetry I've encountered, and am therefore fairly picky about my encounters with poets.

Also, I have this secret (or maybe not-so-secret) trait that is a bit hard to explain - essentially, if I feel something is going to upstage my own abilities, I tend to ignore its existence altogether. Hard to put into words, but it explains the notion of 'forcing myself' to read new poetry. (Get out of your head already, I know).

Anyway, just as I was worrying myself about the decline of an ancient art form in this drugged-out, fast-food nation - I came upon a heartening article about Laura Bush opening the 3rd National Book Festival in DC this weekend. President Bush wrote her a poem when she away in Europe, and she shared it with the world!

Was I ever really worried?

Posted by zippy at October 4, 2003 10:03 AM